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You Don't Have to Take Our Word for It!

Here's what some of our satisfied customers have to say about Transmission Headquarters:

I am extremely satisfied with the great job and customer service I received from Bobby and Johnathon. They went the extra mile figuring out my transmission trouble. My 19 year old car is running like new and I am happy to say I will go back, again, for future car needs.

Louise Meaders

Took my vehicle up to transmission headquarters were I needed some work done with my vehicle not shifting correctly. Walking in the office an met the office manager Johnathan who was very respectful and well knowledgeable about my situation. Told him a just had it rebuilt and didnt trust the people to take it back to them. We got my vehicle on a lift and with in a few hours he and his team had my vehicle running back to order. Come to find out there was a valve backwards and 2 check balls that had moved while the previous builder assembled it. Would highly recommend this shop for any transmission needs.


Transmission Headquarters is the VERY BEST transmission shop in Fort Worth. I have a 1995 Mazda 626 that Transmission Headquarters repaired over 15 years ago, and it is still running. They are very honest. Whenever I take it in for scheduled maintenance, they are honest and do not charge me if service is not needed. I take my other vehicle to them also when I think I am in need of service, and once again they check it out for me at no charge. You cannot beat their customer service. Thanks guys!!!

Nita Washington

I have used them before and will use them, again. Great service with honest work.

John Stephenson

The oh-so-rare honest transmission shop. You will not be disappointed.

Walter Williams


Shay Ogoti

Honest people best experience ever at a transmission shop will recommend to anyone.

Stephen Brown

We used these guys for years, great shop and the only one I can recommend.

Ronin Colman

Just left the shop and I love the service. Honest people and they knew my problem over the phone for the most part when no one else would look at it. Found my transmission shop how bout you?

Robert Polk

Bought a truck on e-bay that had the transmission rebuilt by Transmission HQ eight thousand miles ago. Less than a day after I got it, when backing out of a parking space when I put it in drive, it stayed in reverse. I put it in park, and it still was in reverse. Had it towed to Transmission HQ and explained the problem to Bobby, the owner. In less than one day it was fixed, there was a clip that got broken inside the transmission where the shifter connected. I do not think that this would have been his issue, or any type of warranty item, but it was NO CHARGE. I have never had to use a transmission repair facility before, but they just earned a lifetime customer, and I will tell everybody I know where to go if they have transmission problems. THANK YOU TRANSMISSION HQ.

Kevin Prochaska

Derrick is the best. Knows his transmission. Honest people. I will take any transmission work to him and always recommend them.

Richard Bristow

I have been doing business with this shop since 1977... ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS reliable, honest, accurate, friendly & GREAT at what they do! Thanks again Bobby & Derek!!!

Stacy Clark

Never going anywhere else. Love these guys.

Raphael Dones

I have used this shop for 37 years. When operating auto service garages, TRAX TIRE & AUTO and Ron's Norman's Chevrons, I used this shop instead of hiring a transmission tech. We got great service at good prices always.

Ron Norman

Great experience! Always helpful!

Benito Paredes

Have been taken all of or fleet trucks from Pest Boys and personal vehicles to Transmission Headquarters for over 20 years. Always have had fantastic service at fair prices. Thanks to Bobby, Derek and the shops service team !!!

Lary Adkins

Fantastic experience. You can definitely trust these people.

Jody Helton

1982 had daughters car in , and instead of pricey overhaul other nationally known people offered, Bobby said the valve body was sticking. no need for an overhaul, cost about 1/4 of overhaul. 1984 bought 69 Chev 3/4 ton. pickup w / big engine that pulled race car trailer. Owner passed away and truck sat for several years. Trans was bad, and Bobby again said he'd upgrade to Turbo 400 which ahad deeper pan for same price. 1986 had 82 Cad Eldo,. Car would not shift to 4th gear. Out of warranty I thought, so had Bobby fix. Estimate was about $800. Cad dealer said $2,000.When Bobby found a gear with broken weld, he called Cadillac rep. They returned $200. because of failed part Bobby could have kept money, never saying a word but instead called, explaining. 1994 My brother called, said he was told his car, a 1986 Olds, needed transmission overhaul. Bobby and he went for a test drive, and Bobby told to him go replace his Spark Plug wires. The car had 334,000 miles, and in those days odometer just registered 100,000 miles. This is why I recommend Transmission Headquarters. I also have 6 Children over age 50, and They also bring in their cars for oil and filter changes.

David S.

Referred here by McGaw's. Honest service.

Rip Ford

This is one of the best transmission experiences I've had. After dropping my vehicle off for diagnosis, needed the transmission replaced, I was given a very good quote on the repair. Still a lot, but very fair. They gave me a week to decide what I wanted to do with zero pressure. I decided to have Transmission HQ replace the transmission. They got it done faster than expected and for the quoted price. Very professional and friendly. And they take pride in their work.


Checked my car for FREE! They never tried to scam me out of money and made my worrisome experience better with small talk.

Nikki Fritz

This is one of the best automotive repair experiences that I have had. My repairs took slightly longer than originally thought, but this was only because of the high standards for the work that they produce. The pricing is the best that you can get for such an excellent level of service. Moreover, they operate their business with such exemplary professionalism and integrity that I would highly recommend them for any transmission work needed.

Michael Natishyn

Great service and excellent pricing for transmission service!

James Boyett

These guys are the Best! Bobby and his guys are honest above reproach and very professional to deal with. I have taken my company service vehicles and personal cars to them for years. I wouldn't go anywhere else!

Jerry Webb

These guys are smart, nice and helpful, they know how to solve a problem.

Paul Bagley